anyone that writes in an article or online that boomer is an ageist slur is 1. a boomer or 2. being forced to and in that case i’m so sorry but it’s so funny people think it’s a slur

you good hun? you haven't been on the shi…

you good hun? you haven't been on the shithole in a while.

I’m actually crying rn I miss the shithole so hard but I’m still fucking grounded… I’m deadass on my iPod touch rn and its so slow and I can’t even get the tumblr app… I think I’m ungrounded soon though so I hope I can talk to you all about what’s happened in my life the last three months soon, but for now I’m just gonna clean out my inbox really quick and maybe queue up some posts


At the end of the year we always have spirit week and the seniors usually bring glow sticks. One asshole freshman thought it would be a good idea to break open 30 glow sticks and dump the liquid into the boy’s bathroom toilets.

They never caught him

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