YouTube rewind has always felt like it was more about bringing the communtity together and being a mosh pit of memes, music, and creators. It was about recognizing the achievements of the platforms and showcasing the biggest events of the year. The 2019 rewind didn’t really do that. It just put everyone in categories and ranked them on numbers alone. What about all the charity work that happened? What about the memes? Where was Area 51 and the tik tok dances? A top list wasn’t only boring to watch but it didn’t really feel like a rewind. Even if last years rewind was horrible it still at least felt like it was a rewind. This felt like someone forgot to plan the video out and threw it together. I get that this was supposed to be their response to everyone going absolutely psycho about the other one but they still didn’t listen to the viewers. No one wanted them to erase everything rewind was.

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