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The best part is the fact that out of the two of them Martha Stewart was the one who went to prison.


Wiiiiild. He did commit murder (in self defense – no judging) and America‘s Best Housewife was sent to jail because of insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. This is wiiiiiild 😄😄😄

also he has every right to make fun of kanye west considering snoop has had a successful career for about two decades including his own cookbook and appearing in movies whereas kanye is a flat earther who had to crowdfund another album because he ran out of money despite kim kardashian being with him, not having the money to produce another album should be the metric when you know you can tell a musician has failed somewhere in either money management or actually being a musician rather then a famous trainwreck

snoop dogg is a good man who loves cooking, nature, and supporting the dreams of young children in poverty. kanye west helped get trump elected.



It’s real and written by Meyer. This is a thing that exists


Y’all my bf and I just stumbled upon both the best and worst thing at the bookstore.

It’s a gender bent rewrite of Twilight and it’s official.

Edward is now Edyth

Alice is Archie

Rosalie is named Royal

This is both the most hilarious and horrifying thing I’ve ever read




what if the milky way is the only galaxy that actually Exists and all the other galaxies we see in the sky are actually some sort of fucked up ghostly echo from other universes,,, or a reflection our own but reflected in a fucked up way against/through naturally occurring exotic matter showing all the different potential ways that the big bang could’ve split its initial energy between matter and antimatter and creating differently shaped galaxies

imagine the sort of deep, slightly existential terror you might experience if this was the case and it was only detectable from a position far, far, far further away from our solar system, much further out than one would be able to communicate back to home base. intergalactic “travel” is terrifying and probably inherently unethical in some way when you consider the philosophy associated with it.

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