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saw this on twitter

reblog for your Texas #LGBTQ followers who may be going to Houston Pride!

What the hell is up with this?!

no idea but its scary shit

Reblog for your friends.

Everyone reblog this.

I don’t care if you don’t live in Texas or if you are skeptical about this post PLEASE REBLOG THIS! I live In Fort worth Texas which is only four hours away and the fact that something could happen so close to home and to my fellow Texans is heart wrenching.


Does anyone have any information on this? Is it legitimate, or a hoax, or what?

It’s being investigated

– Leafeon


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school schedules are designed in such a way that kids are deprived of adequate food and sleep. the sleep piece has been written on extensively, but it’s quite plain that requiring young people to wake up at 6am during the developmental phase when they need the most sleep and tend to stay up later is a terrible public health move. 

from an eating perspective, it’s just as bad. say a middle or high schooler eats breakfast (if they even eat breakfast) at 7am, then doesn’t eat lunch until 11-12 (and lunch is often inadequate), then has after-school activities, etc. and may not get home until late afternoon, or eat dinner until evening. and kids in school are not generally allowed to snack in class or given time to snack between classes. these gaps between eating times are way too big for adolescents! they need a lot of food–more than adults–to support the growth process, just as they need more sleep.

it’s no wonder many kids start eating reactively in their teens, especially after school or at night–they’re not being adequately fed during the day. even if kids aren’t restricted from eating freely/fully at home, their daily lives regularly involve periods of energy deficiency. add to that the social pressures around body size, and it’s a recipe for disorder at an epidemic level

And it’s not an accident or a simple public health mistake that schools are designed this way—they are the training ground for laborers who’ll spend a lifetime on the bosses’ schedule, stripped (to varying degrees depending on social location) of their bodily autonomy and health

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