I forgot to add

  • I spilled water on my computer at school and a girl immediately offered me a hairdryer. She just carries one in her purse at all times


Y’all I have evidence for some of these

Business teacher wearing tie over a T-shirt

Ukulele boys (they were alternating between themselves since there was only 1 ukulele)

Girl crying over ducks


Things that have happened so far in senior year:

  • We complimented the principal and he said “thanks I have low self-esteem”
  • Business teacher showed us a Mean Girls clip and analysed Regina George’s leadership tactics
  • Girl cried in business class over baby ducks on sale and a dude next to her just said “did you know they’re food in Portugal?” and she just started crying even more
  • Teacher said he had some weird songs on this phone and popular girl randomly went “I have weird sounds on my phone too”
  • English teacher showing how to analyse poetry by saying “Ding ding, it’s a penis!”
  • Two boys playing the ukulele in the middle of PE while playing dodgeball
  • Same ukulele boy says to another guy “YOUR MASCULINITY IS FRAGILE”
  • Girl in math class (daughter of an anti vaxxer) starts coughing and immediately accuses boy on the opposite side of the class of giving her measles.
  • A guy came running up to me saying “IT’S SO COLD” as he removed his jacket, rubbed his hands together, and yelled “BASKETBALL TIME!”
  • Teacher asked the class if it was anybody’s birthday (from our grade) over the holidays. Girl shouts out “MAAAARY.” There is no Mary at our school.
  • Business teacher wore a tie over a T-shirt because his dress code specifies ties are obligatory, but there’s no rules about button ups being so as well.
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