Hi so I go to a catholic all girls school and …

Hi so I go to a catholic all girls school and in religionour teacher was talking about how all gay ppl r going to hell and 7/9 of the girls in our class were like “oh boy Time to go to the cursed fireplace” and since it’s an all girls boarding school we legit just hook up behind teachers backs oops oh well I’m going to hell for pre-marital anyways so

my friend goes to one of those schools djfjsksjd that sounds epic

Just had a full blown argument with my mother…

Just had a full blown argument with my mother on the fact that my school is having a mental health seminar on Wednesday, and she thinks it's not needed. She also said that school shootings are happening because people don't spank their kids. My 4 teenage siblings and I all argued against it on the matter that ill mental health is on the rise because of classes getting harder and more stress put on every part of our lives but she just said that "we didn't depression when we were your age." :/

my mother is similar. and that sucks dude. hope it gets better for you, sending good vibes your way


Uh. That’s a lot. Why are you all here??

In less than a year, 400 followers and still steadily growing. I made this blog just for fun, and early on it almost got deleted. But now here I am. With about 5x the amount of followers I have on my main blog.

I dont wanna be sappy or that guy but like. Thank you all, it means so much to me. I’m glad these stupid quotes from my school can make some of you laugh. And also, please send any questions you have, or submit your own quotes from your school (even if you arent in junior high!) It makes my day to get a notification of a reply to a post, or an ask/submission.

I know y’all won’t give this post as much attention as the quotes, and Thats ok with me. But know that I am thankful for each and every one of you. Weather you just followed or have been here the whole time, thank you. (Even tho its probably mostly bots, I can’t be bothered to check)

Any way, back to formality, my scheduled quotes that go up daily will run out soon, so I may start posting irregularly again. But I’ll try to keep as many coming as I can.

Later, j-j-h

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