helveciobnf: -We haven’t been training toget…


-We haven’t been training together for a while, I’ll love to see how much you two have evolved. Show me everything you two have! -Nemari San

I always liked to draw Nema with a background if Sakuras, she loves it and usually looks really cool. 🙂

Well … Making an art of my three female saiyans that also pleases the eyes is always good if you understand me… ^^

saiyanb: haydenmaye: @igottanopowah here is a…



@igottanopowah here is a much redraw of that fanart i made you ages ago, hopefully a lot better on your eyes than the last one ;;

Yes!  I need more Bran in my life! (I need Bra too, damn you DB Super!!!!)

She’s so freaken cute, thanks for drawing her your style has a fun clean yet sketchy feel.

raye-chan: Pumped up for next years study – An…


Pumped up for next years study – Anatomy and figure drawing. 

Inspired by my Twitter friend’s work. Swole Bura/Bra (I don’t like calling her Bulla). She takes after her dad. 

In B’s twenties, she’s sick and tired of not being taken seriously and starts training with her father. She is also sick and tired of having to rely on him to fend off stalkers and admirers 😆. 

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