things my geometry teacher has said

– told us that he can bench 750 and squat 400

– told us that he sprinted fifteen miles, not once slowing down

– “coffee and water are the two food groups”

– “the only meal i eat is dinner”

– “i’m gonna be my real, street self with you right now”

– he repeatedly refers to himself as being a “cool cat”

– “i sleep max 3:30 hours a night”

– said he “ballistically squats”

– more to be added


just a gen z thing…

my friend used to go to an all-girls catholic school, but lucky for her, she’s lesbian. one day during gym a girl tied up her unifor so she looked like your average stripper, and she got expelled because when a teacher asked her if she thought that was okay, she said “nah bitch, she’s making me wetter than a waterfall during SCHOOL”

love you brit 😂😂

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