ugh this thing keeps glitching this is my thir…

ugh this thing keeps glitching this is my third time going: first name: ik it but i also know you don’t tell a ton of ppl so i wont say it here nickname: ruth or roo age: pretty sure you’re 12 gender: girl sexual orientation: bi (not sure if that’s just sexual, just romantic, or both tho) nationality: american i think?? not sure what state tho relationship status: single likes: idk dislikes: idk random fact: uhhhh you’re super sweet??

woah you did good 😂

first name: ✅ (ik you know it so i’m just giving it to you 😂)

nickname: ✅

age: ✅

gender: ✅

sexual orientation: ✅ (but i’m questioning it)

nationality: ✅

relationship status: ✅ i’m the single-ist pringle around lol

likes: ❌

dislikes: ❌

random fact: ✅ (i guess… ty!)

and you got… 8! ayyyy i have frens 😂

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