I love how confused adults get with our humor and vine refrences cause like i just replied to my brother with ‘four female ghostbusters?? the feminist are taking over!!’ and he just screams ‘IM AN ADULT VIRGIN’ and my mom still has no idea what we’re talking about

Sometimes I fear we accidentally created a new language

why fear it when you can embrace it

Fun fact: the media thinks the Area 51 Facebook thing is being spread by Russian bots. Anyone older than 30 simply cannot comprehend millennial and gen z humor

Don’t blame it on the sunshine Don’t blame it on the moonlight Don’t blame it on the good times Blame it on the Russians

i was in the us one time (im australian) and went to dinner w a family that had a daughter the same age as me. my aunt made some comment like “oh you guys were raised in such different contexts, there wouldn’t be much common ground” and without missing a beat she said “ravioli ravioli” and i finished “give me the formuoli” and my aunt looked like she was about to have a stroke

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