I just wanted to give a shout out for my international relations prof who is such an absolutely wonderful person. He’s a Dean and thus has many Dean duties but still stresses the fact that if we ever want to talk to him about anything just email him. Before spring break, he offered a home-cooked meal to anyone who would be staying on campus for the break (though that didn’t end up happening because of social distancing) My school switched to Zoom University this week and he included this at the end of his email for our first online class: 

“I hope you can make it, but don’t worry if you can’t. Really. Take the time you need to settle in to wherever you are now, and we’ll get you caught up. I’ll be recording this and all other sessions for the remainder of the semester, so you can watch them later if you need to do so. And I’ll be as available as I possibly can be for the rest of this semester." 

He keeps stressing that grades should be the least of our concerns and extended an open invitation to anyone in our lives who might need something to do (e.g. grandparents and others who can’t leave their houses) basically saying we can send them the link if they want to drop in our class.

Honestly this class has somehow become like my oasis of calm twice a week and my prof has set the bar so high 

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