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“Oml is that ice cream???????!!!!! Ew ge…

“Oml is that ice cream???????!!!!! Ew get healthy!” -my friend who doesn’t know u have an eating disorder and that ice cream is literally the only thing that won’t make me through up


“(My name) over there lookin sexy as hell!”

– A very short friend of mine, from across the class room, in an attempt to make me smile after I took 2 tests in a row.


Not a quote but I’m pissed

Alright kiddos I’ve got a story from my first hour Character Ed class. (Sorry if this is all over the place I can’t tell a decent story)

So we were talking about mission statements and how our school even has one. (Most do)

Our Teacher Mrs. J (fake name) tells us we are gonna get put in groups, and to line up alphabetically.

My group consisted of Me, T, Ne, Ns, and K. Me and K are the only girls.

Mrs. J asks us to have one person get a pencil, this person will be the writer.

(At this time neither i nor the guys know K is in our group)

I happily go and get my pencil, I don’t mind taking action and being a leader for my group.

“Yea that’s right, (my name)! You’re the girl so you have to do all the work for us!” -Ns

Without a second thought, I turn to Ns. (I’m not confrontational at all so this is totally out of character)

“Do it yourself.” (Me)

“What?” (Ns)

“If you wanna be sexist, you can do it yourself.” (Me)

Ok my tone was a bit harsh, so this brought up Mrs. J’s attention.

“Calm down, I am the teacher here!” (Mrs. J)

“He’s being rude to me because I’m a girl. He can do the writing himself.” (Me)

Mrs. J doesn’t push the subject, and takes all the writers into the hall so they can get the part of the mission statement of our school that we have go write about.

“Wow.” (Ne)

“I’m not the best guy but geez that was sexist as hell.” (T)

“He was being a dick, its to early for me to put up with this.” (Me)

And so it ends, Ns had to do the writing for our group, and didn’t complain further. (I think Mrs. J probably scolded him in the hall). We worked together really well in our group so the task assigned was easy to accomplish.

Sorry this isn’t a quote, but it needs to be shared.

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