first day of seventh grade… that was a fucking experience

so here are some out of context shit, saw @crofters-is-superior post and decided to do it so credits to them :3

-so she thought they were drugs, but actually, they were DRAGS”

– (g note plays) “WHEN I WAS, A YOUNG BOY-“ *kid starts hysterically crying and runs*

– “oh my god i went on a date with this girl and everyone tells me i should eat a salad at bread co. so i’m not fat but i actually ate her so it’s all good”


-“as a lesbian, there is only one man i would fuck, and that is bob ross”

-“why the fuck is ellen degenderes on the goddamn pole again” (said by my math teacher)

-“hey, roo, it’s fine if you dropped your books and shit, at least you didn’t drop your virginity”

i already fuckin hate school


So a little bit of a storytime

So I was watching John Mulaney with my grandma (She loves comedians so I had to introduce her), and in the middle of a story of his, she turns to me and says,

“So you like clean-cut guys, huh?”

Now, me, wanting to be Contrary TM, said back to her with a completely straight face,

“What if I dont like guys?”

Her mouth formed a perfect O-shape. Now, my family is pretty accepting to that kind of stuff and I’ve never heard them be homophobic in any way. I can tell this still surpises her, though, so she says back,

“Do you like girls?”

I swear to God, I was exactly like that ‘I didnt think I would get this far’ meme. I’m internally panicking so hard that afterward my heart is still beating so fast that I can literally FEEL it. So, since I was not about to come out to my grandma before anyone else in my family, I quickly say,

“What if I dont like anyone? What if I’m emotionally detached from society?”

She laughs and goes back to John Mulaney, and I have never felt so RELEIVED.

So that’s how I almost came out to my grandma, how was your day


so i was reading ‘this is where it ends’ a book about a school shooting. i was telling my grandpa about it the other day and was giving some backstory. i said “ty is the shooter. his twin sister is autumn. ty hates autumns girlfriend, sylvia.”

“two gals?” he asked, and i replied “yeah, paw-paw, they’re a really cute couple.”

you know what his answer was?

“i don’t blame the kid for wanting to shoot up the school if that’s the case”

this is why we we are afraid of our sexuality.

this is why we have people who have gone through so much and are so messed up that they shoot up places.

this is why we need to be better.







some of you don’t understand that top/bottom are words to describe gay sex and it shows

top/bottom ≠ dom/sub

top/bottom =/= masc/femme

Well. Thanks for bringing up gay sex at this time in the morning. I REALLY wanted to think about that. Guess I’m gonna have to have some craazy sex with my wife so I can get these images out of my  head!

so i checked out this guy’s blog cuz i was bored and i’ve literally been laughing for 15 minutes looking at his posts😂😂😂and no he’s not funny, i’m laughing AT him

this dude is actually wack😂😂go check out his blog i’m crying (don’t like, follow or reblog tho he’s a jackass)

i’m gonna tag people bc this is too golden to deprive people of the pleasure

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have fun y’all

jesus i’m s o b b i n g this is gold

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