“Is it raining?? Oh no, its just dark.” “Still brighter than my future.”

– our math teacher, and then the Bitch With Those Bangs.



“Ok before we start class, I’m gonna preface this with: please don’t rob a bank.”

-Our math teacher, at the start of class, who looked very disappointed

Bringing this quote back because,,,

He said it again this year I shit you not


“Before you ask, yes, we want headbands.”

– a highschooler during an acidemic team meeting, cutting off the teacher.

Sorry for the kinda late post today, I didn’t realise i had forgot to schedule one. Also, I’m almost to 400 followers. Which is crazy. In roughly a year, 400. I have no clue how many are bots but, I love every single one of y’all.

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