“Ma’am. Ma’am. You’re on my foot.”

-me, to someone who was standing on my foot


Soo in 8th grade…

We caught a teacher watching stuff that’s close enough to be called “porn” during school when he gave us his YouTube channel. Basically, his liked videos were public and we knew it was him be it had him making videos of his classroom and him driving around in his Subaru. Apparently, the whole school knew. My class walks in and we all are giggling. And Mr. Meredick (nickname we gave him) gave his snobby lecture on how dumb we are. We all laughed to his face and one idiot asked him, “Why did you delete your YouTube channel?” Cue intense fear where he goes behind his desk where he has a crowbar. Thankfully, he didn’t murder anyone, but he’s still teaching. And he touches girls’ backs and leans in close but he’s never touched me because I slithered into the room everytime. Last I heard of him, he’s teaching private lessons.

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