Gen Z Christmas be like:

  • considering the lengths of our lives, we haven’t been that long without believing in Santa, so there really aren’t many Christmas memories to compare that excitement to!
  • just about every teacher has decided to shit on Christmas, making it pretty impossible to have enough time to complete most or any Christmas traditions!
  • depression, anxiety, dysphoria, and more make Christmas really difficult to focus on, and our generation has the most of all of that!
  • wow it’s Christmas and I’m not even excited for it I hate that so much!



Absolutely Surreal Things I Heard In School #14


– “I’m not in love I’m just a b*tch that runs in the hallway.”

– “What the f*ck are that?”

– “I looked at my brother and started laughing because he’s so ugly.”

– “Would you eat tomato flavored fruit snacks?”

– “No it’s not Fun Dip, it Sustenance Submergence.”

– “Oh my god, why am I gonna be a good friend when I have an opportunity not to be a good friend?”

– “Actually, Megan, I cant handle fame, cause I have… hemorrhoids.”


“(My name), what’s the answer!” “I don’t know.” “I’m disappointed in you.” “I get that a lot.”

– a teacher calling on me when I had no idea what the answer was. (Since I normally do) but hey, at least like 3 people laughed.



“Ok before we start class, I’m gonna preface this with: please don’t rob a bank.”

-Our math teacher, at the start of class, who looked very disappointed

Bringing this quote back because,,,

He said it again this year I shit you not

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