helveciobnf: -We haven’t been training toget…


-We haven’t been training together for a while, I’ll love to see how much you two have evolved. Show me everything you two have! -Nemari San

I always liked to draw Nema with a background if Sakuras, she loves it and usually looks really cool. 🙂

Well … Making an art of my three female saiyans that also pleases the eyes is always good if you understand me… ^^

shakunetsu:Here’s a cute, snowy Son family dou…


Here’s a cute, snowy Son family doujinshi @saiyanb was so kind to provide for the Christmas / Holiday Doujinshi Requests I’m doing currently!

And poor Goten… Maybe Goku should do some sparring with Pan instead; haha (‘ω^\)

“YAWARA!” by Usamikei (うさみけい) / Johshu; originally published in the Reco Ball 2 book.

saiyanb: haydenmaye: @igottanopowah here is a…



@igottanopowah here is a much redraw of that fanart i made you ages ago, hopefully a lot better on your eyes than the last one ;;

Yes!  I need more Bran in my life! (I need Bra too, damn you DB Super!!!!)

She’s so freaken cute, thanks for drawing her your style has a fun clean yet sketchy feel.

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